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Zenith Market Neutral Strategy

Zenith Market Neutral Strategy 




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A Market Neutral Strategy 

The Zenith Market Neutral Strategy (“Zenith”) is an investment portfolio with a market neutral mandate. 

Zenith invests in a list of investment strategies that have low to zero correlation with the global market cycles with the investment objective to deliver between 75bps and 100bps to its investors on a monthly basis. 

In order to achieve its investment objectives, Zenith invests in a variety of market neutral strategies such as arbitrage, cash and carry trades and short-term asset backed liquid financing instruments. 

Zenith as an investment has achieved its objectives in 2021. For 2022, Zenith has delivered returns below its investment objectives due to heightened counterparty risks that were mitigated by moving heavily into cash allocation. 

This investment is best suited for investors who: 

• Seek above market income yield 

• Wish to diversity their portfolio from traditional fixed income investment solutions 

• Have a requirement to maintain monthly liquidity. 

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