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Spectrum Digital Asset Portfolio

Spectrum Digital Asset Portfolio 




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An Actively Managed Long Digital Assets Portfolio

The Spectrum Digital Asset Portfolio (“Spectrum”) is an investment fund with a long digital asset mandate. 

Spectrum invests in a basket of vetted digital assets with the investment objective to outperform a passive allocation to Bitcoin, or a passive allocation to a basket of top 100 digital assets by market cap. 

In order to achieve its investment objectives, Spectrum uses a combination of cash/digital asset allocation, hot wallet and cold storage, and yield enhancement on inventory and cash balances. 

Spectrum as an investment has achieved its objectives in 2021 and 2022 by delivering a return above that of its benchmarks. 

This investment is best suited for investors who: 

• Seek long-term capital growth through investments in digital assets 

• Are comfortable with a high level of volatility and risks associated with digital assets 

• Have an investment time horizon of more than five years 

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