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Apex Structured Liquidity Solution

Apex Structured
Liquidity Solution




Key Service Providers

A Short Term Cash Management Solution

The Apex Structured Liquidity Solution (“Apex”) is a private equity solution that invests in business financing such as trade finance and merchant cash advance. 

Apex has been designed as a low-risk cash management solution to cater for both private investors and corporate treasuries seeking to generate returns near prime rate (the interest rate that commercial banks charge their most creditworthy corporate customers), and with the equivalent or higher security/collateral enforcement. 


Previously a mezzanine finance product, Apex has been yielding near prime for almost 2 years before Stewards Investment Capital decided to expand its breadth in 2023 to cater for a wider and more sophisticated audience. 

Apex has 3 tranches of offering: a senior quarterly liquidity notes, a junior yearly liquidity notes, and an equity tranche. Recently we have received recognition from Global Finance with the Best Fixed Income Investment Innovation award as part of their annual Top Innovation in Finance Awards for 2024. This accolade highlights Stewards Investment Capital's groundbreaking APEX Structured Liquidity Solution, an investment solution linked to the burgeoning private credit market which has seen resounding success since its launch.


This investment is best suited for investors who: 

• Seek to enhance their current return on cash positions 

• Have an active cash management or treasury operations 

• Have quarterly or annual liquidity requirements 

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