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Defensive Cross Opportunity Fund

Defensive Cross Opportunity Fund 




Key Service Providers


Structured Products

Leonteq AG, Swissquote

A Listed Structured Product Fund

The Defensive Cross Opportunity Fund (“DCOP”) is an actively managed certificated listed on the Swiss stock exchange with a structured product mandate. 

DCOP invests in in-house designed tailored structured products that are underwritten by Leonteq AG and accessible through Swissquote. The investment objectives of DCOP are to minimize downside risk while optimizing upside participation in select investment sectors. 

The fund makes use of a basket of credit linked notes (CLNs)to create a baseline return and allocates excess capital in long term OTC options (LEAPs) to generate upside participation. 

DCOP was seeded by Stewards Investment Capital in March 2023 as a new product to cater for a clientele base that was seeking managed long side exposure with limited downside. 

This investment is best suited for investors who: 

• Seek medium-term capital growth with managed downside risk 

• Are comfortable with financial derivatives 

• Have an investment time horizon of more than three years 

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