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The Billion Dollar Surprise: FTX customers are getting back all the money they lost in the crypto exchange's collapse

FTX, which was one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world before its monumental collapse two years ago, announced this week that all its customers will receive their money back. In a recent court filing, FTX reported owing about $11.2 billion to its creditors, while estimating its available distribution funds to be between $14.5 billion and $16.3 billion. This news is capturing the attention of the financial world, promising a surprising twist in the tale of what was seen as a major financial disaster.

Market Impact: Analysing the Turnaround


As an investment expert closely monitoring market trends, it's essential to dissect the implications of FTX’s latest developments for bankruptcy victims and the broader investor community. FTX's disclosure of possessing billions more than needed for compensating its bankruptcy victims has sent shockwaves throughout the financial sector. This surge in available assets is largely attributed to the recent increase in the value of various cryptocurrency assets, including Solana, and the sale of numerous other assets, such as a stake in the AI company Anthropic.

Implications for Creditors and Investors 

This financial rebound has transformed what initially appeared as a dire situation into an unprecedented opportunity for those affected by FTX’s downfall. Bankruptcy victims now see a potential for not just recuperation of their invested capital but also additional compensation. The majority of FTX's creditors might recoup up to 142% of their original claims, with the average customer likely receiving 118% of their holdings at the time of FTX's bankruptcy.

The Path to Financial Resolution 

The restructured company, now overseen by a team of restructuring advisers, has proposed creating a fund to compensate some creditors with resources that could have otherwise been allocated to government regulators. However, final payouts are still months away as FTX continues navigating through the last phases of its bankruptcy proceedings. All debts are expected to be settled in full, with interest, though no surplus will remain for equity holders.


Steward’s prudent risk management strategy


The unfolding developments at FTX provide a rare glimpse of optimism in what initially seemed an irrevocable loss for many. At Stewards Investment Capital, our investment committee has been vigilant, managing to decrease our exposure in FTX from 30% to 10% in 2022. This proactive strategy has placed our investors in a favourable position, preserving capital and now positioning them to not only recover their initial investment but potentially realize additional gains as the FTX situation resolves. We continue to monitor the situation closely, committed to adjusting our strategies to safeguard our clients' interests and capitalize on emergent opportunities.



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