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Stewards Investment Capital Facilitates Major Investment in Favo Capital, Inc. by SA Pension Fund

Updated: Dec 9, 2023

Bilal Adam_Glen Stewards

Stewards Investment Capital, a strategic partner of Favo Capital Inc., recently orchestrated a groundbreaking investment between one of South Africa's largest pension funds and

Favo Capital, Inc. This landmark investment stands as a testament to the confidence placed in Favo Capital's potential by institutional investors and marks a significant milestone in the companies' strategic collaboration.

Facilitating Strategic Investments

At the helm of this strategic financing, Stewards Investment Capital showcased its expertise in aligning high-potential firms like Favo Capital with strategic investors. For this partnership Bilal Adam, CEO highlighted the substantial nature of this investment, emphasizing the faith professional investors have in Favo Capital's growth trajectory and future prospects.

Glen Steward, Founder and Chairman of Stewards Investment Capital, echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the commitment to providing exceptional investment solutions to their trusted clients. The collaboration between Stewards Investment Capital and Favo Capital signifies a shared vision of empowering businesses and delivering value to investors across borders.

Catalyzing Growth and Expansion for Favo Capital

The infusion of funds from the prominent South African pension fund, facilitated by Stewards Investment Capital, is poised to accelerate Favo Capital's expansion plans significantly. This financial backing provides Favo Capital with the resources and flexibility to diversify its services, explore new markets, pursue strategic acquisitions, and invest in technological advancements, enhancing its competitive edge in the finance industry.

Apex Solution: A 12% p.a. USD-Based Investment Opportunity

Part of Stewards Investment Capital’s growth strategy involves offering investors a compelling opportunity through the Apex Structured Liquidity Solution. This innovative solution provides investors a robust 12% annual return in USD, a lucrative prospect particularly attractive to investors in South Africa and other emerging markets.

Investors in these regions are increasingly seeking USD-based fixed income solutions that are less correlated to the rest of their portfolios. This pursuit of diversification aims to reduce overall risk while still achieving higher returns. The Apex Solution not only meets these criteria with its impressive 12% return but also boasts a low-risk profile, as underscored by the backing and support of the South African pension fund.

Expanding High-Quality Investment Book in the Private Credit Market

Favo Capital, is strategically positioned to expand and grow its high-quality investment book, especially as the private credit market expands. The funds will be channelled into identifying and capitalizing on emerging opportunities within the private credit space, solidifying Favo Capital's presence as a key player in this dynamic market.

The Significance of the Investment Alliance

From Stewards Investment Capital's perspective, this investment is not merely a capital infusion; it signifies a strategic alliance strengthening Favo Capital's market position.

Vincent Napolitano, CEO of Favo Capital, Inc., emphasized the importance of this partnership, highlighting the validation it provides for their vision and business model.

About Favo Capital, Inc.

Favo Capital, Inc (FAVO: OTC), renowned for its tailored funding solutions for small and

mid-sized businesses nationwide, stands to gain immensely from this collaborative investment venture. Moreover, FAVO Realty, the company's real estate investment arm, focuses on a diversified portfolio of commercial real estate properties across the United States.

With Stewards Investment Capital's support, Favo Capital is poised to embark on a transformative journey, expanding its reach and impact in the finance industry.


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